The New School Essential
An innovative learning management system for schools which facilitates collaboration between educators, students and parents making a constructive impact during a child’s learning life cycle. LoveMySchool is a living, breathing educational community that can adjust to changing student needs, learn from collective experiences, and continually improve as education and technology advance.
An Innovative Learning and Collaboration Platform for Schools

Enterprise Version Features

School life on a single view. All essential data on simple dashboard
Collaborate, create & share rich digital content
Student Project
Students can create, collaborate and share rich digital content
Create, distribute, submit & grade assignments
Customized grade-book that meets formative & summative assessment requirements
Broadcast school, class and course announcements
Email, announcement & school board – A truly connected campus
Lesson Plan
Arrange content by weeks and track progress against lesson plan
YES it is free! Everything that’s free today will be free tomorrow and forever
Great concept… would love to explore. Abhishek Singh, IT, Gems American Academy, UAE
Simple clean interface. Curriculum Team, Billabong High International School
The concept appears promising and AWS adds more confidence into it. Durgesh Purohit, IT, Edubridge International School, Mumbai
Looks great! Amazing venture! Dr. Grishma Shah, Manhattan College, USA
Making free cloud based system is highly appreciated. Siva Rama Sarma, Indus International School, Hyderabad
Idea sounds interesting and you know what is the most interesting part that its for free! Nandita Prakash, Manager - School Systems, Shri Ram New Horizon, Gurgaon
Impressive product and even more impressive support. Vivek Gupta, Founder, Vidya Valley School, Pune
Very glad that we decided to implement LoveMySchool. I can already see that this will go places. Dr. Hanif Kanjer, Director, Rustomjee Group of Schools, Mumbai
Very interesting! Ambuj Jhunjhunwala, Educationist & Angel Investor, Mumbai